- PASSWORD - How to change on a Windows PC - Laptop or Desktop

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Windows PC:
You must be in the district to change your network password.

After you are logged in on your PC
CTL-ALT-DEL to get the screen with 'CHANGE PASSWORD' option.

Restart your computer.


Password Rules:

Minimum length is 6 for students and 10 for staff, but a longer more complex passphrase is recommended.
Cannot be changed in last 24 hours.
Cannot be a password that you used before.
Cannot contain any part of your user name.

What is synchronized with district network:
Password changes will automatically synchronize with: Gmail (isd192.org), Infinite Campus, Erma, WebCrd, Truetime, Schoology

Passwords are not synchronized with : Spedforms, Sharpschool.
You will need to go to each of these sites and change these passwords manually.


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