SECURE PRINT - Mac - Printing Confidential Documents

This will set up confidential printing to any ecopy. Used for Spedforms or any time you want a printer to hold your files until you get there.

Yes - you have to set it up in Word  first.  (or Outlook or any of the more advanced apps) - because those apps have access to advanced features in Print.  Chrome does not have those advanced fields, but once you make the "Preset' and save it, you can then use in Chrome.

1) Open Word (or Outlook is ok too) because it has full printer options available. 
Click the File menu and select Print.   
2) Choose the printer you want to print (must end in the numbers 458e)
3) Select Output Method from the 3rd drop down menu.  
Click SEE DETAILS box to see all drop downs if they are not there. 
After you choose Secure Print, you will receive a dialog box asking for a Document ID and a password.  You can enter anything. Make sure it is easy to type.  (enter 12345 in both fields for example)
To retrieve the print job – go to the printer.
  1. Log in on printer as usual (using your ID card or network user id and password).
  2. Select SECURE PRINT Box, then OK.
  3. A keyboard is displayed and you may enter the Document ID and Password you used. (12345 for example)
  4. Your print jobs are displayed. Press SELECT ALL to print all of them then PRINT, START.
Back at your computer:
If everything printed ok - then save the settings as a pre-set. 
Select "Save Current Settings as Preset"  and give it a unique name.
Next time you print, you can select these settings from the Presets dropdown menu.

This preset will be available in other apps, like Chrome and Safari for printing from Spedforms, etc...

In Chrome - You will need to choose "More Settings" - "Print using system dialog... (Ctrl+Shift+P) to see it.




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