Phone Features - How to call, transfer, speed dial, volume, etc..

Farmington School District IP Phone Features

Make a Call:

            Office: Dial 0

            Internal:  Dial 4 digit extension

            External:  Dial 8 and then the full phone number

Put a Call on Hold:

            Press red hold key to put on hold

Transfer a Call:

  1. Press Trans/Conf key
  2. Enter the phone number to transfer to
  3. Announce the caller who is on hold (optional)
  4. Hang-up and the call will go through or if the call cannot be taken, press the red hold key again and you will return to original caller

 Transfer a Call Directly to Voice Mail:

  1. Press Trans/Conf key
  2. Press 1111
  3. Wait for answer
  4. Press mailbox (extension) number you are transferring to
  5. Press * (immediately)

Create a Conference Call

  1. Call the first phone number
  2. After the call is answered, press Trans/Conf key
  3. Enter the phone number of the next person to include
  4. Talk to them privately until you press the Trans/Conf key again
  5. Repeat steps until all parties are contacted (up to 8 parties)

*Note: if you get a busy or no answer, press Cancel key to return to original caller

To Program Speed Dial:

  1. Press SuperKey
  2.             Press No until display reads Personal Keys?
  3.             Press Yes
  4.             Press Personal key to be programmed
  5.             Display reads “Unused Key”
  6.             Press Change
  7.             Speed Call?
  8.             Yes
  9.             Enter number, if external number include 8
  10.             Press Save      
  11.             Press SuperKey to exit

Note: Remember that your Voice Mail key is just a speed dial to 1999. If the key does not work, program using the instructions above and enter 1999 as speed dial number.


Adjust Ringer Volume

            While the phone is ringing, press the up or down arrow key

Adjust Voice Volume

            While you are speaking to another person, press the up or down arrow key

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