Ecopy Scanning - File Size too big

If the files scanned at the e-copy are too large, please make sure that you do not select color, unless it is necessary. Also, you can reduce the file size by changing the density from 300 to 200.  Clean clear paper will also scan much smaller than shaded or speckled pages.

The settings button is on the scanner during your scan (right above the start button) and easily modified by you before you scan.  The smallest would be black and white-200. If the results were not acceptable (please look and see if you can read all pages ok),  then either change to 300 or to greyscale depending on what was not readable.   If color is needed, then try changing the density from 300 to 200. 

If you look at the folder on your H drive in DETAILS VIEW, you can see how big a file is.  Each thousand is a Megabyte.  The district limits file size in email to 10,000 or 10 Megabytes.



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