Transferring scan files from a Dolphin to Destiny

Transferring scan files from a Dolphin to Destiny

To transfer the scan file from the PHD Dolphin+ to your workstation, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your Dolphin is in Alpha Mode. To check or change the mode:
    1. If you need to, wake up the Dolphin by pressing ON·SCAN.
    2. Press F1 to open the Manual Entry screen.
      Beneath Manual Entry, you'll see the current mode—either Numeric Mode or Alpha Mode.
    3. If it displays Numeric Mode, press the SHIFT key to change to Alpha Mode.
    4. Press F4 to exit Manual Entry.
  2. Place the Dolphin in the HomeBase. You should see the following message on the Dolphin's screen:
    You have a LOG file, do you wish to ship it out?
  3. Type Y (press the 3 key once) for Yes. You should see the following message on the Dolphin's screen:

    Set Dcomm to
    Receive a file
    Place in base
    Press Enter

  4. Start the Dolphin File Transfer utility (Dcomm) and click Receive File on the Dolphin File Transfer dialog.
  5. With the Dolphin in the HomeBase, press ENTER on the Dolphin to begin the file transfer.

Once the file has transferred to the computer, you should see Hooray! Your data has transferred successfully, indicating that the utility has successfully transferred your Scan.Log file to the computer.

At this point, the utility automatically deletes the scans from the Dolphin. The Dolphin then shifts to the low-power mode (displaying the Follett logo).

Transferring Multiple Files

If you collect additional scans with the Dolphin and wish to transfer another batch to your workstation, you'll receive the following message on your computer after clicking Receive File:

Dcomm is going to overwrite this file.
Do you really want this?

Choose Create a backup copy. The utility automatically renames the existing Scan.Log file to Scan.Log.Bak0. If a Scan.Log.Bak0 already exists, it renames it to Scan.Log.Bak1 and Scan.Log file is renamed Scan.Log.Bak0, etc.
The higher the appended number on the file name, the older the Scan.Log file.

Important: The utility can rename and save only 10 log files—Scan.Log.Bak1 through Scan.Log.Bak9.
If you attempt to save more, the utility overwrites the oldest log file.
Make sure to upload the files to Destiny promptly.

Once the utility transfers the file to the computer, you can upload the file to Destiny.

Choosing Abort cancels the file transfer. Press ENTER on the Dolphin to return to the scanning mode.

Choosing Overwrite overwrites the existing Scan.Log file on your computer.


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