WJIV - Woodcock Johnson FAQ 4/11/2016

Quick Guide to the online Scoring and Reporting and a link to main web site for your information. 



Feel free to make yourself a folder. That is just done by clicking the Plus sign and selecting Add Folder (See picture below).


Examiner field not accepted

  1. Just leave it blank.  This is due to the way we have it set up with one examiner per building.


Folders not showing up, but they should

  1. If a folder is not showing up, most likely that means that their test record was not committed for reporting.
  2. Please go back to the examinee, then to their test record and make sure it says "committed" next to it.
  3. If not, click on it, scroll down to the bottom and click 'commit test record'.
  4. If it is already committed and there are no folders at all showing up in the examinee selection field, then that could be cookies and browser temporary internet files or security.
  5. Please try from another browser. 



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