PDF - how to extract only a few pages to send to the doc center

Do you need to print just a few pages from a large PDF? 

To do this you can use Chrome browser to open the file, 
then print – save as PDF, select the particular pages you want, they will be saved as a new PDF file that you can send to the doc center or use as you wish.

 Step 1:  Open Chrome (Google Chrome browser)

Step 2:  Type H:  or S: (for S drive), or C:\... 

in the search bar, where you normally put a web page address.You can double click on folders to open them.

Browse to the PDF and double click.  After the PDF file is opened, go to the settings icon and select print or hit CTRL, P keys.


Changes pages from 'ALL' to the other field that allows you to choose the files to include.  Click on change to change the option to Save.

Double click on Save as PDF to change the destination.

Now click Save and enter a file name and save it to the desired folder.  The original document will remain open, but the new document will be saved to the folder you selected.

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