How to create PDF files for the Doc Center - for printing from Boardmaker or any program. 4/2015

When printing from Boardmaker, Smart Notebook, or any other special program to the Doc Center, you will need to create a PDF file first.  Since these programs do not have a built-in way to make a PDF (like Chrome or Office programs do), you need to have a program called PrimoPDF installed.


  • If you see a printer named PrimoPdf, then it is installed.

Once a pdf file is created, the doc center can print it with no difficulty.

You can use it with any software that prints (Boardmaker, etc..)  The only tricky part is keeping track of where it puts the pdf file, but you can select that.


There is a user manual that you can look at under START-PROGRAMS-ACTIVE PDF. When you are ready to print something -

  • Select PRIMO PDF as your printer.  (If it is not listed as an available printer on your computer, then Primo PDF is not installed.)
  • It will prompt you for a file name to save it as.
  • Click on the little browse box next to the name (circled below) and browse to a location that you want to save it to. 

I like to save to my desktop – so I can delete it when I am done, but other people like to save to their My Documents folder or the H drive.

The standard path to the desktop is always c:\users\username\desktop\filename.pdf.

  • Just click over the file name portion of the file suggested & change it to a file name you like.  Or you can use the name suggested.
  • Be sure that if you change the file name, you end it with “.pdf
  • Avoid unnecessary punctuation in the file name as it may cause other problems if you send the file via email or something.
  • Once it creates the pdf file, you can upload the pdf file to the doc center.

Remember that if confidentiality is an issue, that the file should be keep out of public areas.  You can delete the pdf file once you are done uploading.

The options for PDF settings (Screen, Print, Ebook, PrePress) have to do with document quality, but do not really make any noticeable difference.

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