Backup iPad data to Google Drive - photos and other files

This is one of many ways to backup your data.  Please do some housekeeping before saving your data!  This will make everything faster for you.

We recommend using your Google drive because there is no limit to storage and your data will be accessible to you from a variety of systems.  

  • Open DRIVE app (Google Drive - available from App Store or Self Service)
  • If necessary, log in using your ISD192.ORG user id and password - which is the same as your network password.
  • Select the Plus Sign + on the upper right of the screen.
  • Create folders and upload data as you wish.


To backup Notability data, please see the FAQ article for that.

To backup data for any other app, you need to open the app and check the settings for each app.  The HELP screen is a good start.
There is not one way to get all of the data reliably backed up.  This is due to the wide variety of apps and vendors.

If you have questions or are concerned, please contact your Technology Support staff.



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