PASSWORD - Changing Password on Sub MacBook - Macbook Pro

  1. You must be in the district to change your password.
  2. Click on Apple >System Preferences >Users and Groups – find your name and click on ‘change password’
  3. Restart computer
  4. Login with your NEW password
    It will ask about keychain.. click to update and enter your previous network password..
    It is OPTIONAL to set the keychain for other apps like iphoto, imessage, etc. you don’t need to do anything.
  5. Start Outlook….you must re-set the password after you open Outlook. 
    In Outlook - Click on Tools>Accounts and enter the new password.

Password Rules:

Minimum length is 6 for students and 10 for staff, but a longer more complex passphrase is recommended.
Cannot be changed in last 24 hours.
Cannot be a password that you used before.
Cannot contain any part of your user name.

What is synchronized with district network:
Password changes will automatically synchronize with: Gmail (, Infinite Campus, Erma, WebCrd, Truetime, Schoology

Passwords are not synchronized with : Spedforms, Sharpschool.
You will need to go to each of these sites and change these passwords manually.


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