Accessing your H:Drive from home on a MacBook

Follow the steps below to access files on your (H:) drive and work on them remotely from a non-district location. You may also upload files from your home computer to your (H:) drive.

1) From your browser, go to:

2) Type in your username/password and click the Log in button.

3) Choose the ISD 192 network drive you want to work with. Most often, this will be your (H:) drive.

4) You will now have access to your local computer drives as well as your remote network drives.

In the Windows, you will have your local files on the left and the remote (H) drive files on the right.

5) Uploading Files to Your (H:) Drive: Select the drive on your local computer that you wish to work with. Double click on the drive and then go to folder where your files are located.

6) Use the buttons on the menu bar to navigate

7) Single click to highlight the document your toolbar. you want to copy to your remote network drive and click the Copy button.

8) Congratulations! You have remotely copied a file your network drive

9) Working with Existing Files on Your Remote Network Drive:

Select the file on your remote network drive that you wish to work with by single clicking on it. Click on the Copy button in the menu bar.

10) Once you have clicked on the Copy button, a dialogue box will appear. If you currently have a file with the same name in your local files, it will ask you if you would like to replace it. If you choose Yes, it will begin copying. If you choose No it will go back to Step 9.

11) A dialogue box will appear, showing you the percentage of the file that has been copied.

12) Once the copying process is complete, you will see your file in both locations. IMPORTANT: Since your file is saved locally on your computer, you must copy it back up to your remote network drive when you are finished working with it and Replace the file for the changes to take effect on the network file. (See steps 5-8.)

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