Gradebook Info for Infinite Campus on a Mac

  1. Open Self-Service
  2. Click on the Category for Software
  3. Click install on "Java 7 U 51 for Campus Grade Book".
  4. Open Safari
  5. Login to Infinite Campus and click on Grade Book (there is also a Beta version)
  6. In the center of your screen you will see a message. Click on "Inactive Plug-In". Your plug in is now activated.
  7. Click on Grade Book again
  8. Click "Allow" to the message
  9. Check the box for "Do not show again...".
  10. Click Run
  11. Grade Book will now open and students should be listed..

Directions using an Adapter for Projector:

The projector display is setup an an additional monitor by default. You can simply drag your presentation to the other screen

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