Campus Parent Portal - email correction date reminder

Campus Portal Procedures for Schools


  1. Parents contact the school.
  2. The school (see details below):
  3. verifies the parent's identity
  4. enters the parent's email address on the demographics tab
  5. enters the current date in the Email Correction Date field on the demographics tab
  6. Tech Staff runs a computer program to send parents "invitations" based on the date entered in the Email Correction Date field. These emails are sent by the FWA email account.
  7. Parents accept the invitation by replying they agree to terms.
  8. Tech Staff monitors the FWA email account for replies and enters the current date in the Tech Usage field on the Demographics tab for the responding parents who agree to the terms.
  9. Tech Staff runs a computer program to send parents self-registration procedures based on the date in the Tech Usage field. Again, these emails are sent by the FWA email account.
  10. Tech Staff monitors the FWA email account for questions/problems.
  11. Everyone is happy!


Tech Staff typically monitors the FWA email account several times a day. During extremely busy times or when critical problems are occurring, the frequency will be less often.


Details for Step 2:

How a parent’s identity is verified is up to the school.

Email Address:

When entering an email address, use the first email address space, and check the boxes indicated.

If a parent really has two email addresses, you may enter the second one into the secondary email address and check the boxes, but please note the following.

The FWA account process uses only the first email address.

Email Correction Date:

This field has two purposes:

For a parent who does not yet have a portal account, an agreement/invitation email is sent to them.

For a parent who already has a portal account, the password will be reset and the parent will be emailed instructions on what to do next.

In other words, you only need to change the date in this field is when:

A parent says they want an account

A parent says they forgot their password or username

A parent says they aren’t sure if they have an account

Ask them if they have an account and know their password. If the answer to both parts is yes, do not put a date in there.

Enter the date in the format mmddyy. This means that each part of the date, month, day and year, is two digits. So April is 04, not just a 4. The year is two digits, not 4.

In case you forget the format, it’s displayed in parentheses, as indicated in yellow below.

After the parent is sent an agreement/invitation email, a “p” (for processed) is appended to the date by the program.

Do not alter the Tech Usage field. When we get an agreement back from the parent, we put a date in there, and the program uses the date to send them information to create their account.

If a parent simply wants to change their email address, and they already have a portal account, please do not enter a date. There is no need for them to get an email from FWA.

Similarly, if you are entering an email from some type of form or paperwork, only put the date in if there was no email address originally.

For parents who call to get their email address changed, you can also remind them they are able to do it themselves in the parent portal, using Contact Preferences under User Account.


Miscellaneous Notes:

Periodically (each summer), Tech Staff will be deleting these dates as part of a cleanup process. A blank date does not mean the parents don’t have an account. The existence of a date doesn’t mean the parent followed through and created the account.

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