Keychain - Delete Login Keychain

If you are getting keychain errors and just want to start over.

Deleting Login Keychain:

  1. Click the Go menu, hold down option to pop up Library (this is a hidden folder).
  2. Open the keychains folder.
  3. Delete login.keychain.
  4. Reboot


More info:

In certain situations, for example the Help Desk resets your password,  you may get a warning "The system was unable to unlock your login keychain."  

If you do not remember your old network password, there is no way to recover the contents of your old keychain, so you need to click "Create New Keychain" to delete it and create the new one.  

If you DO remember your old password, use that to recover the contents and update your keychain password.  Entering your previous password will allow your previously established keychain to sync with your new password.

If you missed this step and now are getting Keychain errors and want to just start over, this is how to override things.


What is the Keychain?

This is a file that stores all of your passwords (Outlook, Gmail, Amazon, etc...) as you use them, if you clicked the appropriate boxes when prompted. 

Your network password is the Master password. If you forget it, you will no longer have access to the Keychain file that it locked, so you need to create a new one. (if you want to - it is optional).


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