S & H drive - paths for different groups - teachers, office, nurse, etc...

Accessing your S:Drive
You can connect to any shared network drive that you have security for. You have to know the server name and share name.
To access the network,
1) click on the 'Go' menu at the top, select 'Connect to Server'
2) type in: smb://servername/sharename, then click 'Connect'
Example: smb://dsc/dir - you can click the + sign to add it to your preferred list of servers.
Teachers Share (S:Drive): smb://cfs/teachers
Directors & Principals share: smb://cfs/dir
ARE: smb://cfs/areoffice
BMS: smb://cfs/bmsoffice
CE: smb://cfs/ceoff
DMS: smb://cfs/dmsoffice
FES: smb://cfs/fes_office
FHS: smb://cfs/fhsoffice
MVE: smb://cfs/mvesoff
NTE: smb://cfs/nteoffice
RVE: smb://cfs/RVE-Office
Custodians: smb://cfs/custodians
Nurses: smb://cfs/nurses


H drive path is:

This is normally automatically updated on the Desktop.  Be sure to include the $ at the end of the username.



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