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This document contains everything you need to know about changing your password on any device. Don’t forget all of your devices, if you have more than one iPad or phone be sure to check all of them or they may lock you out by checking in for email with the old password.

Password Rules:
Can’t re-use a password that you used before. Can’t have any part of your user name in the password. Minimum length is 6, but a longer more complex password is recommended.


RESET FROM ANYWHERE—  There is a link to reset your password from any browser, including your iPad.  Go to DISTRICT WEB Page—Staff Resources—Technology-Update Password



Settings – Mail, Contact, Calendar – highlight your work email account –
Click on your email in the top ACCOUNT line – Change password displayed on the next screen then click DONE.

Windows PC:
To change your network password after you are logged in on your PC
CTL-ALT-DEL to get the screen with 'CHANGE PASSWORD' option.

To change your network password after you are logged in on your Mac

  1. Click on Apple >System Preferences >Users and Groups – find your name and click on ‘change password’
  2. Restart computer
  3. Login with your NEW password
  4. It will ask about keychain.. click to update and enter your previous network password..
  5. It is OPTIONAL to set the keychain for other apps like iphoto, imessage, etc. You don’t need to do anything.
  6. Start outlook….you will have to re-set the password after you open Outlook. Go to Tools>Accounts and enter the new password. 

OWA – Outlook Web Access
If you are not in the district and are using OWA for email:
In OWA - Click on 'Options' in upper right corner.
Select Change Password. 

What is synchronized with district network:
Password changes will automatically synchronize with: Gmail (isd192.org), Infinite Campus, Erma, WebCrd, Truetime, Schoology

Passwords are not synchronized with : Spedforms, Sharpschool.
You will need to go to each of these sites and change these passwords manually.

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