Macbook Printing - Troubleshooting hints - Printer paused, Waiting for Authorization

When printing from the Macbook (in Safari) - the job did not go anywhere and you sure you have done the most recent printer installation from Self Service and are still not able to print from your Macbook:

  1. Go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES - PRINT & SCAN - Make sure the desired printer is set as the DEFAULT.
  2. Use NOTEPAD to create a test page and try to print that.
  3. It should display a printer icon on the dock.
  4. Open the printer icon from the dock,the job in the queue says 'waiting for authorization'.
  5. Highlight the job.
  6. Go to JOBS on the menu bar.
  7. Select RESUME JOB. 
  8. It will prompt the user for their network password. Enter that.
  9. Now it should print.



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