PROJECTOR: How do I get my computer to display on the projector? (Clone or Extend)

How do I get my computer to display on the Smartboard or projector?
How to extend your screen to Smartboard:
To set computer to go to the SMART board, all teachers need to:

1. Right click ANYWHERE on the desktop after you login
2. Click on Graphics Options
3. Output to
4. Select CLONE DISPLAY (will make both screens identical.)

or EXTENDED DISPLAY (this will make one screen an extension of the other).

You can choose whichever you prefer.

Most projector 'input' needs to be set to VGA1. Please check this!

If you do not have the options shown above, make sure the cable to your second display (vga plug into the wall, or second monitor) is properly connected.  If you still have trouble, please contact your building tech or call 5055.


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