PC - How to Add a Printer to a PC (Windows)

Click on the START BUTTON on the lower right of your screen.

 Select  > Devices and Printers - Click ‘Add a  Printer’ (top left menu bar)



‘Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer’


Click the bottom ‘the printer I want wasn’t listed’


Click  Find a printer in the directory based on location, then Next

Click into the Location field - Enter your building letters

(ARE, FES, DMS, FHS, DSC, ISC, etc...)


Find your desired printer by name and double click on it, or click OK.

You can choose to make it the default printer.

If you add a few, you can set the default printer later. Make sure to double check this before you print your job.

Click below for a video tutorial.



If you need further assistance, please contact the your building tech or the tech dept at 5055.




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