Infinite Campus Changes for 2017-18 School Year

The latest version of Infinite Campus has important changes for teachers.

For the most part, this document is going to direct you to the Campus Community for information.

However, there are two important things to know immediately.

First, if you are in Campus Instruction and see this message, please don't panic:


The Control Center is a new feature for taking attendance and scoring assignments.  I believe the error message is because school is not yet in session.  If you change to the Grade Book or Message Center, you will see that you do have sections.

Second, one of the more noticeable changes is how you get back to Campus Tools or get to the Campus Community when you are in Campus Instruction.

When you are in Campus Tools, which is the view with the Index and Search tabs, you click on what Campus calls the App Switcher to change to Campus Instruction:



Campus Instruction used to have the App Switcher icon to return to Campus Tools or to get to the Community.  However, in our new version, the App Switcher icon near the upper right has been replaced with a drop down option near the upper left:


Clicking on the Instruction drop down will let you pick the option you want.

The Campus Community

 If you haven't already, please create a Campus Community account.  In the Community you can find up-to-date documentation about the Campus application.

The Community has four sections: News, Forums, Knowledge Base and Support.

The Knowledge Base is where you will find documentation on the various features of Infinite Campus.  We are going to start relying on the Knowledge Base as the source of documentation so that you always have up-to-date information and screen shots.

When you first enter the Community, click on Knowledge Base.  You will see a search facility where you can enter search text, an optional content type, and the Campus version.  You can find the version we are using on the Campus login page.

Below the search area is a video explaining the Knowledge Base.  It's a short video and is worth watching.


More on Changes for Teachers

There is a new assignment editor.  The documentation says it is coming in a future release, but the future is here: *** New Assignment Editor ***


*** Here is the Campus documentation on Control Center. ***


 There is now a Professional Development option for teachers to take and track Campus training:

*** Professional Development Documentation ***


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