Steps to set up your Windows 10 computer
Setup Email, Add Printers, set defaults, etc...

 Step 1—EMAIL—Outlook 

Find Outlook on your desktop.  Double click on it to open, it will automatically configure itself for your district email.  This is the correct app to use to look at your district email.  Do not use the app called ‘Mail’, it is the wrong thing.  You want to use Outlook, not Mail.

There may be a checkbox for 'add to my phone'.   If you already have Outlook on your phone, you can click 'no'.   If you do click yes, all it does it go to a web page that allows you to enter the phone number that it will send a text message to with the link to installing the app.  You can cancel browser if you want.

After Outlook is configured, right click on the Outlook icon on your desktop and say ‘Pin to Taskbar’.  Please note that the icon for your email message will still look like an envelope, but Outlook is a blue letter O with an envelope behind it. 


Press the START button, then the SETTINGS gears—DEVICES– Printers.

Or  - Press the Windows Key and type in the words Printer (select Devices & Printers)

Note - for Ecopy printers that need to do Secure Print - Select printer names that end in ECopy458e.

Link: Windows 10 Add a printer.



On your taskbar, do you have an icon that looks like a folder*?  This is how to get to your H drive and S drive.  Double click on it, and go to This PC.  Double click on “This PC”  to see your other drives.

*If you do not have an icon that looks like a folder, you can add that.  Press the WINDOWS key, type in the word ‘File Explorer’, then right click on it and say ‘Pin to Taskbar’

Link: Windows-10-Basics-How to add File Explorer icon



A)   To do this type in the word APPS in the search box.  Select Default App Settings:

  • Web browser – your choice (Chrome*, Firefox, IE, Edge) 
  • Email default app – set to Outlook
  • Spedforms recommends the Chrome browser.

You can use any and all of the browsers.  Just be aware that some work better than others on certain websites, so a web site vendor may have a recommendation. 

All district computers should have all browsers installed.  If you do not see it on the desktop, try typing it in the search bar.  It may be in your All Apps list.  If it’s not please reboot and see if it installs. If it still does not, please call 5055 or email your building tech.

Link: Windows 10 Basics - How to set default apps - Browser, Mail and others 7/26/2017


B)   PDF Reader default:  Set the PDF Reader App to Adobe Reader

  •          Find any PDF file and right click on it.
  •         Select OPEN WITH - and find "ADOBE READER"
  •         Put a checkmark in the 'Always use this app to open .pdf files' box.

Link: Windows 10 Basics—How to set PDF reader to Adobe Reader



You will probably want to set this up to Duplicate your screen. 

  • Press the Windows key and P – then choose Duplicate. 
  • It defaults to extended mode. 

Link: Windows 10—Projector set up

Step 6—Infinite Campus users:

Link:  How to set up your web browser for Infinite Campus.


How to set your signature line in email. 

Windows 10 Basics - How to find Settings

 Windows 10 Basics - How to Organize Your Menu to just show you what you want to use.

 Windows 10 Basics - How to use the Search Bar in Windows 10

 Windows 10 Basics - How-To videos and articles to check out






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