A Brief Introduction to SchoolMessenger

For Farmington Area Public Schools


SchoolMessenger is the new messaging system that replaces SchoolConnects.  The SchoolConnects product is being phased out by its owner, West, which also owns the new SchoolMessenger product.

SchoolMessenger has all the features that SchoolConnects had, but it has a different interface that will take a little time to learn.

Note that our customer ID is farmingtonsd192.  You may be asked for this ID if you contact SchoolMessenger for assistance.

The web address to use is, which displays:


Be sure to bookmark this page.

The first time you use the system, click on the “Forgot your password? Click Here” link.  On the subsequent page, enter your username (see next paragraph) in the two boxes and click the Send button.

Your SchoolMessenger username is the same as your computer/email username.  For most people, this is simply your first initial plus last name (e.g., John Doe would be jdoe).

You will receive an email explaining what to do.  See page 4 of the attached Getting Started Guide for more information on setting your password and using SchoolMessenger.  The minimum password length for Farmington users is 10 characters.  It is very important to use a strong password, that is, a password containing uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.  SchoolMessenger passwords are not synchronized with your computer/email password.

See the attached Quick Start for New Users document to send yourself a test message.

For information on using the Communicate mobile app to send messages, see the attached documents Communicate for Android or Communicate for iPhone.

For information on using a phone to send messages, see the attached document Remote Access Pocket Guide.

To explore the SchoolMessenger system further, see the attached Advanced Training document.

To take online training from SchoolMessenger, go to

The SchoolMessenger system displays both their support email address and their support phone number on every page.  There is also a Help link near the upper right of each page that contains up-to-date information on their system, including the info contained in the attached documents.

Lastly, near the upper right of each page is an Account link for managing your account settings, such as your password.




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