Windows 10 Basics - How to set default apps - Browser, Mail and others

To do this type in the word APPS in the search box.  

Select Default App Settings:


Email Default App should be set to Outlook (desktop)  This tells the computer what program to use when you click on a Mail-to link.  

Web Browser should be set to your choice of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge.

Spedforms users should use Chrome.  Certain office staff have been instructed to use Firefox. Other staff can choose whichever browser you prefer.  As you may know, some web sites work better with different browsers.  You can alway choose any browser. This just tells the computer you want to open automatically when you click on a link.  

Fun fact:  Sometimes this setting gets changed for no good reason! It's a good idea to check it whenever you are having issues with the wrong browser opening up.


PDF reader – Adobe Reader

Video player –  VLC Player

Music player -  Your choice








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