How to map a network drive on Windows

Open File Explorer (the manila envelope on your start bar)

Go to Network on the left side- Right click- Select Map Network Drive.



You can use any letter not already in use.



ENTER THE PATH LISTED BELOW.  You must have permissions already.

Teachers Share (S:Drive): \\cfs\teachers

Directors & Principals share (N: Drive): \\cfs\dir

ARE:       \\cfs\areoffice

BMS:     \\cfs\bmsoffice

CE:        \\cfs\ceoff

DMS:     \\cfs\dmsoffice

192 Sub share: \\cfs\teachers\subs

FES:      \\cfs\fes_office

FHS:     \\cfs\fhsoffice

MVE:     \\cfs\mvesoff

NTE:      \\cfs\nteoffice

RVE:      \\cfs\RVE-Office

Custodians:        \\cfs\custodians

Nurses:                \\cfs\nurses

If you do not have permission and need it, please contact the tech department or your supervisor.









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